19/05/2016 2:19 AM AEST

3 Smart Tricks To Cut Calories From Your Cocktails

Drink (calorically) responsibly.

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Different fresh cocktail on dark background, selective focus

Here's what makes your cocktails heavy calorie bombs: A big glass and a lot of mixers (sour mix, tonic or juice, for example).

It makes sense that the more stuff you put in a glass, and the bigger that glass is, the more calories your cocktail will have.

But you can keep your calorie count low by using simple, fresh and restrained ingredients -- in the video above, Cooking Light shows that you don't need much to make a full-bodied cocktail.

They show you how to make a low-calorie watermelon margarita (105 calories), a michelada (112 calories) and a vera kollans (156 calories).

Real Simple/Cooking Light
Real Simple/Cooking Light
Real Simple/Cooking Light

Give it a shot, and as always, drink (calorically) responsibly.

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