20/05/2016 10:07 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:52 PM AEST

Aussies Pay More For A Weekend Getaway, iPhones Than US And UK

Everything is so. Damn. Expensive.

In Australia, everything is gold plated.
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In Australia, everything is gold plated.

Australia, we look like suckers in Deutsche Bank's annual Mapping the World's Prices report.

The country rankings show the cost of things like a new iPhone, taxi ride or a sneaky weekend away in order from the most to least expensive around the world, and we are definitely not cheap dates.

The world probably thinks the gold rush is still gushing down under, especially if you live in Sydney.

Take a sneaky weekend break for example:

The most expensive average weekend away

Zurich $3,421.45

Sydney $3,207

London $3,077

Milan $2,959

Stockholm $2,800

*Source Deutsche Bank converted to AUD

Yep an average weekend in Sydney is listed as a whopping AU$3207. Do you call nonsense on that figure? Let's look it up.

Two flights from, say, Brisbane to Sydney with Qantas taking the Red eDeal are $1266.

Two nights at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is $620 on Wotif.

Nerida McMurray Photography
Look, honey, it's the city that ate all our money.

Then there's Friday night drinks at cocktail bar Eau De Vie is $39 for two.

Dinner somewhere nice, let's say Felix, is $130 if you get a charcuterie to share, two mains and two desserts and do you want wine? Let's get a bottle. That's another $30 or so.

Kick on at The Ivy and you may be forking out an extra $60.

You've still got Saturday and Sunday's food to go, as well as some sort of entertainment but we've already spent $2145.


The report also ranked the cost of a five-star hotel room, and the most expensive average in the world is Sydney.

Then Zurich, Milan, London, Stockholm.

Let's look at another indicator -- a new iPhone 6.

The cost of an iPhone 6 via country

Brazil $1,287

Indonesia $1,196

Sweden $1,100

India $1,084

Italy $1,059

Denmark $1,043

Finland $1,027

Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France $1,012

Germany $1,005

Australia $977

New Zealand $964

*Source Deutsche Bank converted to AUD

We pay more for a new iPhone than New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the US.

Let's change tact, surely we're not in the top 10 most expensive for something like a bottle of Coke?

Who pays the most for a 2L bottle of Coca-Cola?

Copenhagen $4.67

Zurich $4.21

Helsinki $3.99

Edinburgh $3.77

London $3.67

Stockholm, Amsterdam $3.60

Melbourne $3.49

Sydney $3.44

Paris $3.31

Damn. Let's try a train, bus or ferry fare.

Surely we're not world-beating chargers for public transport?

Average public transport minimum fare

Amsterdam $4.59

Stockholm $4.30

Melbourne $4.10

Sydney $3.99

Helsinki $3.95

We're also in the five most expensive countries for the cost of a pack of cigarettes and an annual subscription to the Economist.

So, Australia, next time you're overseas and someone asks you about drop bears, tell them they only fall from our money trees.