19/05/2016 6:06 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:52 PM AEST

Chinese Student Claims Police Smacked Him Really Hard On The Bum

This student's night was a real pain in the backside.

A Chinese student has been left with a bruised and bloody backside in a case of police misconduct that was caught on camera.

Using the alias Xiaopeng, a video has emerged on Chinese social media that shows police in Lanzhou kicking and dragging the finance student and his friends toward a police car.

The incident occurred following a conflict between Xiaopeng and his dormmates regarding use of the bathroom when the police were called to defuse the situation and were filmed, according to Shanghai IST.

According to Xiaopeng in photos released online, he was taken to the police station where he refused to relinquish the footage and was beaten with truncheons until his backside started to bleed.

Police officials Song Dongdong and Wei Dewen have been detained, three others suspended and an investigation launched into the incident, according to Shanghai Daily.