23/05/2016 9:42 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:52 PM AEST

Man Finds Trolley, Names Him Trevor, Takes Him On Adventures

Trevor was eventually returned to his store, safe and sound.

Andrew Mitchell/Facebook

Last week, Melbourne man Andrew Mitchell found an abandoned shopping trolley in his front yard. Being a good citizen, he alerted a nearby Officeworks store to the lost trolley, before posting about it to the company's Facebook page.

Then, the fun began.

Mitchell named the trolley 'Trevor' and thus began a friendship that would wheel and careen through the annals of time; a steel bond to never be broken; a devotion forged between metal and man.

"I've named him Trevor the Trolley. He's really cool and can go quiet fast before I fall off. I won't do that again as I bruised my arm. Next time I'll try it on grass and wear a crash helmet so the impact won't hurt as much," Mitchell posted to Facebook on Sunday as an update.

Andrew Mitchell/Facebook
"Good news, I've trained Trevor the Shopping Trolley to take our dog for a walk. It's working out pretty well but when they go downhill Storm has problems keeping up," Mitchell wrote.

Officeworks responded, playing along and vowing to pick up Trevor and return him home.

But Mitchell had other ideas. He took Trevor for a walk with his dog, put sneakers on his wheels when Trevor 'said' they were sore, let him play with a dollhouse and even taught him to mow the lawn.

Andrew Mitchell/Facebook
"I've taught Trevor how to use the lawnmower. My teenage kids don't know this skill," Mitchell wrote.

After a fun day of adventure, Trevor was returned home to his store.

"I woke up early today to head off to work. I said hi to Trevor as I passed him but he wasn't there anymore. Did he run away and join a gang? Did he self sacrifice and sell himself for scrap metal? Did Officeworks final pick him up? I guess I'll never know, but I do know for a brief moment we had something special together and now it's gone. One day I'll be strong enough to return to Officeworks and maybe even buy a pencil, but that day won't be today. Today will be a day of self reflection as I think back to happier times when friends had four wheels and the ability to be cleaned with a high pressure hose. Long live Trevor, some friendships and not meant to last,' Mitchell wrote when he updated the post.

If this is a marketing stunt it's a damn clever one -- social media banter done right.

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