Cheap and Effective Men's Skincare

Learn why girl’s stuff doesn't cut it.
We're looking at his cleansing method, we promise.
We're looking at his cleansing method, we promise.

Men, lend me your ears.

You need to stop stealing your girl's skincare, and there are a few reasons why.

First up, she pays a helluva lot of money for it for you to be sticking your big man fingers in her pricey pots and potions.

Secondly (and more importantly), her stuff isn't best suited to your skin. Sure, it's better than nothing, but the male dermis is thicker and has a different composition, so specifically formulated guys' stuff is going to be better.

In fact, men's skin is vastly different from women's. "The ability to grow a beard is just one obvious distinction among many others that are not so evident. From a structural point of view, some of the differences include skin thickness, collagen density, loss of collagen as we age, texture and hydration. These differences in the skin may in fact create differences in the treatment room," Doctor Diana Howard from The International Dermal Institute said in an online lecture.

The male grooming market has grown rapidly in recent years which is great from a choice perspective, but can also mean it's a little overwhelming. So, in the interest of ease, here are the essentials (and how to use them).


Cleansing removes dirt and sebum (built up oil) from the skin. The easiest way to cleanse is by using a five cent piece sized dollop of cleanser on your fingertips in the shower, massaging over the face for 30 seconds before rinsing.



Exfoliation might seem a little extreme for some guys, but it's great for those who get blackheads on their nose, have extra oily skin, or work outdoors. Use a scrub twice a week in the shower in the same way you would a cleanser, after washing your face.

Face and Sun Cream

Hydration is important to restore balance to the skin. Men's skin is naturally better hydrated than women meaning lighter weight and gel consistencies are popular. Sunscreen is also really important to ward of lines and uneven skin tone, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Layer one after the other using the size of a 10 cent piece, or find a cream that offers both.

Eye Cream

Crows feet are sexy, but some guys might want to delay the onset for a little later in life. Both men and women lose about one percent of their collagen per year after their 30th birthday, so a grain-of-rice-sized amount of eye cream on the outer corner of the eye and around the orbital bone can help plump and nourish.