25/05/2016 3:12 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:53 PM AEST

Todd Greenberg Tells NRL Players To Choose Their Friends More Wisely

These guys put the dim into dim sim.

And they look like such a lovely crowd.


Parramatta player Corey Norman has been charged with drugs possession. After spending a Chinese dinner with convicted criminals and bikies, the 25-year-old was allegedly found with "several capsules" and prescription tablets at Sydney's Star Casino on Friday night.

Norman was stopped by casino security. A container with the capsules and tablets inside was allegedly seized. An analysis of the capsules revealed that they were MDMA (a form of ecstasy) and muscle relaxants.

Police issued the court attendance notice to Norman's legal team on Wednesday afternoon. He will face Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court on July 13 on two charges -- possessing a prohibited drug and possessing a prescribed restricted substance.


When new NRL CEO Todd Greenberg assumed the big chair recently, he must have known there'd be days like this. Days when he had to tell grown-ups to stop doing stuff they really should have been smart enough to avoid without an official kick up the backside.

Wednesday just became one of those days. Under the heading "NRL STATEMENT ON POLICE WARNINGS TO PARRAMATTA PLAYERS", Greenberg said the following in a release:

"Players and officials are on notice to choose their friends and associates wisely. Players should take very seriously the warnings issued by the Organised Crime Squad under Section 93X of the Crimes Act."

For the record, that particular section of the Act states that a person can be charged if they consort with convicted criminals and if they consort with convicted offenders after official warning.

Parramatta players Corey Norman and Junior Paulo, as well as Penrith's James Segeyaro, had dinner on Friday night with a former bikie boss Paulie Younan and Rafat Alameddine, an accused criminal who is on bail for fraud and money laundering charges.


Later that evening, Norman was allegedly caught in possession of pills at Sydney's The Star casino.

"This reflects poorly on the players involved and is a bad look for the game," Greenberg said. "I would expect those who have received warnings to take them very seriously. The penalties for ignoring a warning are severe and we fully support the police in the action they have taken."

Paulo and Segeyaro were issued warnings by NSW Police for allegedly consorting with convicted criminals earlier this week, while Corey Norman's management has been told he will also be warned by police.