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Whip, Bake & Snap: The Aussie Cake Creators Sweetening Your Feed

Ready to lick the screen?

The kind of cake Homer Simpson would approve of.
The kind of cake Homer Simpson would approve of.

There's an entire movement going on right now that involves (food) porn, syringes and pure gluttony.

Don't worry, we're not talking about anything illegal. No, we're talking about Australia's thriving cake decorating industry. It is truly phenomenal.

Hundreds have swapped their day job, or taken up a night hobby to bake the kind of creations that would put Bruce Bogtrotter's giant chocolate cake to shame (take that, Ms Trunchbull).

From layers upon layers of sticky caramel, smashed up Tim Tams and an army of Caramello Koalas, the concept of "too much" simply does not exist in this deliciously excessive world.

Here, we've rounded up Australia's quirkiest, most scrumptiously talented cake decorators and bakers -- many of them self-taught -- and for good measure, included some of their best work yet.

Warning: pornographic (food) images ahead.

Unbirthday Bakery

2 Tier Hero Cake

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Because who said it has to be your birthday to eat cake? This Sydney-based bakery could easily be mistaken for some kind of edible art museum. Catering for all occasions, choose from one, two or three tier works of magic. You can even eat the organically-grown flowers on top.

Katherine Sabbath

I'll tell you a little story about those TALL cakes... When I started baking at fourteen, I had little money to spend on baking equipment, so I made use of whatever I could get my hands on. Eventually, the best quality cake tins I owned were the two 6 1/2 inch pans I found on sale at my local supermarket for $5 each. Whenever I needed a really big cake to share at a friend's party, instead of baking wider cakes, I would only create HIGHER cakes simply out of necessity. And so for years & years, this is exactly what I did! 🎂🔝 I became so accustomed to making this style of cake that I didn't give much thought to making them smaller & wider. I rather liked my tall cakes! To be honest with you though, they're not the most practical of cakes to transport or serve 😹 If I may give one piece of advice to budding home bakers out there, it is to bake & decorate in the way which best suits YOU! If you don't have access to smaller cake tins or don't feel comfortable slicing up tall cakes, no worries! Bake wider cakes & make plating up a little easier. Whether it's a tall or wide cake, this isn't going to change the taste of your creation. Focus first on making the most delicious cake you can, to be enjoyed by the ones you love. As for style & presentation, do whatever is practical & enjoyable for you! Happy baking 🎉 #GoAheadBakeMyDay #KatherineSabbath

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The unofficial queen of "drip cakes", head here for next-level crazy creations. With an equally crazy amount of social media followers, Sabbath moved on from her career as a high school teacher to embark on what she calls "The Cake Life." We'll have what she's having, please.

Cakes by Cliff

Clifford lives the corporate life in Sydney by day and cake decorates by night. With a background in architectural studies, he risks the danger of customers not actually eating his creations, since they are so aesthetically beautiful.

Whipped Cake Co

Doughnuts + cake = pure genius. This Brisbane-based baker is self-taught and believes no order is too difficult: "If you have an idea for a flavour we can make it happen, we love a challenge!"

Lottie and Belle

Shelley is based in Perth and sprinkles witty, fairytale dust on all of her work. From this salted caramel Carlton Draught masterpiece to an Elsa-inspired snowflake cake, the kids (and adults) will melt in joy over her clever creations.

Cupcake Charisma

Kat Marie Guerin is a self-taught dessert artist. Her Instagram feed is like stepping into a cloud of really, really pretty gluttony (if that existed). From engagement cakes to cupcake towers, this woman will have you hooked.

Never enough.

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