30/05/2016 1:18 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:53 PM AEST

Here's The Chaser First Gatecrash Of The Election Campaign

Chaser boys get a bemused, bored response from security.

Fairfax Media
Chas Licciardello tries a

There are three certainties in Australian political life; death, taxes and The Chaser popping up around election time to gatecrash unsuspecting press conferences everywhere.

But while the comedy troupe's mere presence at a politician's public appearance was once enough to strike fear into the heart of even the bravest political staffer, The Chaser's first appearance of Election 2016 -- and the weary, almost bored response of the Prime Minister's security staff -- show that maybe the ABC group's approach isn't quite as cutting-edge and edgy as it once was.

Malcolm Turnbull was in the western Sydney electorate of Lindsay on Monday, talking up plans for schools. As Turnbull held an event at McCarthy Catholic College, along came Chas Licciardello. He managed to get almost nose-to-nose with Turnbull, and for some reason tried to get the PM to join him in a "trust fall" exercise.

Of course, it wasn't long before Licciardello was doing some more falling, though not of his own volition, as he was helpfully helped to the ground by security staff.

Rather than the infamous and controversial incidents of Chaser past -- think the APEC terrorist stunt -- where they were roughly manhandled and frog-marched by police, check out the meek and bored response from the security here, as Licciardello gets merely a pat on the head for his troubles. The poor security looks almost sorry for the Chaser man, as he leaves him on the pavement.

"But I think the feds [security agents] broke my fall to be honest. They were very good humoured about it," Licciardello admitted to Fairfax Media after the incident.

Later, Craig Reucassel arrived at a shopping mall where Turnbull was taking a stroll.

He had a Tony Abbott cutout with him.

Again, the security staff look pretty bored -- a far cry from the fear in the eyes that the Chaser used to elicit.

With the Chaser's new election-themed TV series set to start next week, no doubt we'll be seeing more of this through the campaign.