27/05/2016 11:27 PM AEST

Corden & Schwimmer Are Def Not 'Friends' After Rap Battle

Here lies the grave of a man formerly known as Ross Geller. 

Please pay your respects now because on Thursday night's "The Late Late Show," the vibe turned less than "Friends"-ly when host James Corden used pretty much every reference in the book to destroy David Schwimmer in a rap battle. Oh yeah, he went there

From the get-go, Corden went for the jugular, calling out Schwimmer's fading celebrity ("Let me introduce you to this guy, his name is David, he was famous in '95") and throwing in a low blow about Jennifer Aniston ignoring his calls. 

Schwimmer held his own, however, hitting back with a series of rhymes attacking Corden's acting chops and heavier frame. But who are we kidding?Rebel Wilson, who crashed the affair at the tail end of the battle, had the best line of the night. 

"Enough of this crapping," she told Corden and Schwimmer. "Why the hell do you want to hear two white men rapping?"

Watch the full battle above.