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Cory Bernardi Tweets Link To 'Pro-Rape' Blogger

The senator says it doesn't mean he supports Roosh Valizadeh's 'other views.'
Bernardi says he does not support the author's 'other views'
Bernardi says he does not support the author's 'other views'

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi wants his Twitter followers to read an article about social justice by a men's rights activist who once said rape should be legal on private property.

Bernardi on Wednesday tweeted the 2014 article by Roosh Valizadeh, titled 'What Is A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)', with the comment "This article is particularly relevant to many Twitter users. Know thyself...".

But the senator became miffed when people began pointing out Valizadeh's controversial pro-rape writings and his history with Australia's border security.

@corybernardi Senator, you know you're linking to an article by a men's rights activist who was denied a visa to Australia, right?

— Shalailah Medhora (@shalailah) June 1, 2016

@corybernardi He also then negged Border Force by saying he could get in by boat because our borders were so porous...

— Shalailah Medhora (@shalailah) June 1, 2016

Dear outraged, the article I linked to is interesting in light of events of last week. It doesn't mean I endorse author's other views.

— Cory Bernardi (@corybernardi) June 1, 2016

Out of curiousity, how did you end up on the blog of a rape advocate? @corybernardi

— Ella Fabry (@EllaFabry) June 1, 2016

@corybernardi if you don't understand the tacit approval you've given by sharing his article then you're not fit for gov. (u never were fyi)

— Michael Beveridge (@mickyb273) June 1, 2016

@corybernardi So, he's sound on SWJs, unsound on sexual assault? Gotcha.

— Scott McIntyre (@booksbagshaw) June 1, 2016

In a 2015 article on his blog, Valizadeh wrote about rape and rape culture.

"I thought about this problem and am sure I have the solution: make rape legal if done on private property," he wrote.

"I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds."

In a follow up article in 2016, Valizadeh said the article was satirical.

In February, Valizadeh planned on attending a Return Of Kings meet-up in Australia, but Immigration Minister Peter Dutton issued a statement saying that Valizadeh would not be allowed entry into the country.

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