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Thor Björnsson: Game of Thrones' The Mountain Would Be OK With Death Via Dragons

But it would take all three, obviously.

Video by Tom Compagnoni & Aimie Rigas

Game of Thrones actor Thor Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain and also happens to be the 'World's Strongest Man', looks pretty damn indestructible.

He's broken a one thousand year viking record by carrying a 640kg log for five steps.

He's deadlifted 450kg.

And his fictional counterpart Ser Gregor Clegane AKA The Mountain, has smashed a skull with his bare hands.

"He just likes to kill things. He likes blood, he likes violence. Crushing things and making a mess," Bjornsson told The Huffington Post Australia.


In town to promote SodaStream's campaign to reduce plastic bottle waste (if you haven't seen the hilarious video, you're missing out), we quizzed him on all things Game of Thrones. Like that time he crushed Prince Oberyn's skull and broke all our hearts.

"I liked it more when I was filming that stuff because it was more physical and more fun to film, rather than what you've seen so far in this season. What you've seen me do so far this season is... not much. Just being around, being the guard for Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister), and I have smashed one head so far."

So far, huh? Surely that means The Mountain is going to get violent again soon.

"You guys are just going to have to wait. When I start to talk sometimes I say things I shouldn't."

So what about The Hound (Ser Gregor's brother). Without giving too much away, is that a fight The Mountain would want to see? Because fans are pretty certain he's coming back with a vengeance.

"That is a fight I would like to see."

Does he think The Mountain would win, without doubt?


So is there ANYONE in the whole of Westeros that stands a chance?

"I would say Khaleesi's dragons could possibly. Because there are three together. If they used their power together to kill me, they could probably rip my head off."

So not just one dragon?

"It would take three to kill me, probably."

There you have it, folks. According to Bjornsson, it's going to take a combined effort from Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion to bring down The Mountain. Wonder if Cersei considers them a threat when it comes to her trial by combat.

A huge thank you to Elixr Bligh Street for letting us film on their premises -- we genuinely feared our office wasn't big enough to house The Mountain.

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