02/06/2016 4:53 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:53 PM AEST

72 New Emojis Just Dropped And They're Awesome

Want to show that you're a selfie-taking cowboy who eats avocado? No problem.

When it comes to Emojis, everyone has their favourite. For some it's the cheeky monkey, for others it's the poop. Maybe you're a fan of the awkward slanted-mouth?

Whatever your preference, the Unicode Consortium has just changed the game with the release of new Emoji candidates.

Seventy-two new Emojis are going to hit the phones of avid users all around the world in June and unleash the likes of the long-awaited avocado, bacon, cowboy and selfie hand into messages everywhere.

Feeling a little funny? Why not use the clown?

Perhaps you need to express that bursting desire for breakfast. Don't worry, the pancake stack is there.

The new range will include extensions of everything from new faces, characters and bodily actions to new animals, foods and activities like a cartwheel or water polo.

Unicode are yet to release an exact launch date, but have listed online draft samples of what the final products could look like.