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Boy Smashes $15K Lego Statue One Hour After It's Put On Display

To adults, it was a work of art. To a child, it was one big toy.

A life-sized Lego figurine, which took three days and nights to construct, was knocked to pieces only an hour after it was put on display in China on Sunday, Mashable reported.

The impressive figurine depicted a fox named Nick from the Disney film "Zootopia" and was being showcased at the Lego Expo in Ningbo.

Though the colorful artwork appeared to have been roped off, a boy was somehow able to get his hands on it, sending it toppling to the floor.

The heartbroken artist, only identified as Zhao, later posted pictures of his handiwork online. The images showed the piece in progress, completed, and then reduced to a pile of plastic bricks.

According to CCTV News, citing a Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the giant figurine was valued at more than 100,000 Yuan or approximately $15,200.

The artist accepted the parents' apology instead of compensation for the debacle, reportedly insisting, "The child did not intend to break it."

Oddly enough, the artwork's smashing came less than a month after video emerged showing two small children smashing a glass sculpture at a Beijing museum.

The two kids were filmed tugging and banging on the artwork inside of protective barriers as two amused adults filmed them on their cellphones. Only just before the piece smashes to the floor does someone try to pull the children away from it.

The artist chose not to repair her work but retitled it "Broken" and left it as is. Next to it, the museum put up a video of the shameful scene for other guests to view.

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