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Sneaker Style: How To Wear Your Runners With Non-Sportswear

A slam dunk for feet everywhere.

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From treadmill to office.

Whether you dabble in high impact cardio or not, a pair of runners are undoubtedly your wardrobe's most valuable player.

What's that? You think wearing your trainers with non-sportswear will qualify you to look like a kiosk volunteer at the local netball? On the contrary. Though, there are some golden rules to live by should you choose to bless your feet with this oracle-like trend.

"The key to ensuring you don't look like you're going to the gym is to choose bottoms that are not tights, or anything that resemble tights. Go for black cropped trousers or denim," Brooke Testoni, style blogger told The Huffington Post Australia.

Cropped being the key word here.

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"Wearing bottoms that show your ankles is a must. This not only slimlines your legs but will save you from looking like the corporate type, who wears their runners with work trousers purely for the commute, before changing into different shoes at the office," Testoni said.

In addition to comfort, choosing trainers over say, loafers or boots does something uniquely special to your look: instantly, it becomes effortlessly cool.

According to Testoni your approach should be: "dress up and then pair the outfit down with a trainer."

Still a little apprehensive? Dip your toes into the trend by opting for original sneaker brands and sticking to their iconic heritage silhouettes.

"Adidas Stan Smiths or Gazelles and Nike Air Max is a good place to start," Testoni said.

As for colour, Testoni said while we will start to see more brands experimenting with different colours, investing first in a white or black pair is the way to go.

"You simply cannot go wrong by pairing your sneakers back with cropped black trousers, a silk blouse and a blazer," Testoni said.

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