05/06/2016 8:24 AM AEST

Dog Who Waited 6 Years For A Home Gets Cast In 'Transformers' Movie

Congratulations, Freya!

Ask any movie star — you face a lot of rejection before you finally make it.

That’s never been more true than for Freya, a pup dubbed “Britain's loneliest dog” by the Mirror in May after the outlet learned she had been in the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool for six years. During that time, more than 18,000 potential owners passed her by, despite her being a “sweet” and “friendly” dog.

And shelter workers feared a recent epilepsy diagnosis would reduce Freya’s chances of finding a home even more, they told The Mirror.

The sad story was apparently too much for director Michael Bay to bear. He tweeted on Thursday that he’s giving Freya a role in the new "Transformers 5" movie and will help find her a home.

 And if that doesn’t work out, he says he'll just take her himself.

And yes, Freya accepted the role. Duh.

Bay already has two dogs: bull mastiffs named Bonecrusher and Grace, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"To have this publicity is not just great for the Freya but the other 40 dogs we have,” Freshfields spokeswoman Debbie Hughes told the BBC. And while a movie deal is awesome for Freya, Hughes added that the group “just hope[s] she gets a home.”