No Eggs Due To The Shortage? Try These Egg Replacements Instead

You probably have them in your kitchen already.

It seems free-range eggs are becoming more and more elusive with the latest news of Australia experiencing an egg shortage, partly due to the changes in free-range laws as well as a growth in demand.

Over the past few years, eggs have become a topic of much debate and investigation: first when we became aware of how cruel caged egg production can be (causing many of us to switch to free-range), then when we realised "free-range" wasn't free-range at all.

Now that the labelling laws for free-range eggs have changed, egg producers are struggling to keep supermarket shelves stocked -- this, on top of the fact that hens tend to go into a slow egg laying mode during the cooler months.

When considering all these aspects -- as well as the underlying cruelty of egg production -- it's certainly not a bad idea to look at egg replacements for cooking and baking.

These alternatives help to leaven, bind and moisten in baking and are great for those with an egg intolerance or allergy, as no one should have to go without delicious baked goods.

Some of the replacements, such as tofu and chia seeds, can even be used for dishes like scrambled "eggs" and pudding.

Added bonus: most of us have these replacements already at home.