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Why I Got Tested For HIV: Health Campaign Shows We're All At Risk

Have you had your test?

An unflinching video campaign is a reminder why HIV testing is not just for at-risk groups.

The NSW Health series of videos shows people in their 20s and 30s explaining why they decided to get tested, and it's not because of any risky sexual behaviour.

Rather, reasons include becoming pregnant, having had sex with a person from another country, or having had multiple partners in the past.

It's part of a national push to end HIV by 2020 and Dr Bill Kefalas said everyone needed to take responsibility for their health.

"One of the common myths is that HIV is primarily a problem for the gay community and it's not transmitted that often in heterosexual couples," Kefalas said.

"People have to be aware of the fact that a good proportion of new HIV cases in Australia are from people who were born overseas so people who have partners that are born overseas need to be aware of that."

Western Sydney Local Health District offers rapid testing and HIV and related programs unit manager Ashley Ubrihien said it was a simple process.

"It's basically a finger prick test so someone will go into a sexual health clinic, the finger prick will be developed and they should receive results in 20 minutes," Ubrihien told HuffPost Australia.

"Around 14 percent of people with HIV in NSW don't know they have it, so fast, easy testing is an important way that we're trying to reduce that number.

"It saves people who will unknowingly transmit it onto other people."

For more information on ending HIV and where to get tested, click here.

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