09/06/2016 12:45 AM AEST

This 12-Year-Old Ukulele Player Might Just Be The Next Taylor Swift

Grace VanderWaal wowed judges on "America's Got Talent" with an original song.

"America's Got Talent" may have just found the next Taylor Swift. She even has the same haircut!

Her name is Grace VanderWaal, and she showed off that "it" factor as soon as she walked onstage with her ukulele in tow.

With the charisma of someone well older than her 12 years, the contestant graciously thanked judge Howie Mandel when he told her, "You're a beautiful young lady, you know that?"

At one point, judge Simon Cowell asked if she really believed she could win. She responded charmingly: "Miracles can happen. So, possibly." 

When it came time for VanderWaal to perform -- an original song, no less -- she had the judges hooked from the moment she opened her mouth. Cowell predicted she'd become the next Swift, and Mandel loved her so much he pressed the golden buzzer to advance her straight to the live shows. 

We have a feeling this girl is going places, whether she wins or not. 

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