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14 Women Show Off Wrinkles To Make A Potent Statement About Aging

"For me, wrinkles are ... they are a map of my life."
Women embracing their wrinkles.
Women embracing their wrinkles.

Wrinkles. Laugh lines. Crow's feet. No matter what you call them, the creases on your face deepen as you age. But whereas many people look in the mirror and, with a collective sigh, lament the passage of time that's left its mark on their faces, others embrace the changes, and accept the idea that growing older is an integral -- and even beautiful -- part of living.

HuffPost photographer Damon Dahlen took portraits of 14 women, aged 52 to 90, who roll their eyes at ageist (and sexist) standards of beauty. Rather than fight the inevitable effects of aging, they see the lines on their faces as a road map of their lives. They are the etchings of many years fully lived -- and each and every one of them has been earned.

So why not show them off? Take a look at their gorgeous portraits below and read what each woman has to say about embracing the beauty of every age.

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