10/06/2016 1:25 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:53 PM AEST

The Most Used Emojis, Plus What To Expect From The New Update

Customised emojis are the way of the future.

Mockups for every emoji coming in June, showing how Emojipedia thinks they may look.

If you're a frequent emoji user you'll be all over the fact that we're getting new emojis toward the end of June -- 72 in fact. There's a kiwi fruit, glass of milk, and even some bacon. How there wasn't a bacon emoji up until this point we'll never know.

So, it's safe to assume we're all embracing the use of emojis like they're a new language, and the fact that emojipedia ,a cyclopedia for emojis, even exists kinda confirms it.

"The most used emojis are consistently those with faces, smileys, gestures, and hearts. These help replace the body language we might use when speaking in person, more than an emoji of a tiger, or picture frame might. The Face with Tears of Joy emoji was the most used in 2015, with the red heart coming a close second," Jeremy from Emojipedia told The Huffington Post Australia (and has the best job ever).

Seems we all cry with laughter, a lot.

Those results are not surprising, though what is kind of funny are the symbols people accidentally misuse.

"There is a person bowing, which looks like a boy with triangles on his head on iOS. This is often used as a 'cutesy boy' holding his hands to his chin. There is also the sleepy face emoji which has a snot-bubble coming out the side of the nose! This is often used in Manga cartoons when a character is asleep, but many people think this another variation of crying," Jeremy said.

This is the 'Sleepy Face' guy...he does kinda look like he's crying.

Jeremy the emoji expert believes that most people's wishes will be fulfilled with the new release that's on its way.

"A lot of the popular requests I see are coming in the update this year -- fingers crossed will be very popular, as will the shrug emoji. I compiled the top requests that Emojipedia received in the past 12 months, and this included a giraffe, nurse, hijab, and a judge's gavel," Jeremy said.

As for the future of emojis? Custom symbols, A la Kim Kardashian.

"Right now, emoji approvals are tied up in the primarily text-based Unicode Standard. This means long waits to get new characters approved, and a limited number of options available. Longer term we will have to move past this to some way of sending custom emojis. Some systems exist at the moment, but generally involve sending images which doesn't have the same flexibility that 'true' emojis have at the moment," Jeremy said.


What a time to be alive.