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Handsome 60-Year-Old Model Is Melting Hearts Across The Internet

One of Europe's sexiest new modeling talents isn't a young 20-something with a chiseled face. It's a 60-year-old with a white beard -- and his career couldn't be any hotter.

Meet Philippe Dumas. Last year, he bravely decided it was time for a major life change. He moved from a career in the film industry to modeling. He's gained fame after a Reddit post including photos of him has been circulating the web. However, Dumas, tells The Huffington Post, that these photos were not actually uploaded by him.

Speaking to HuffPost France, Dumas says the post has, however, helped him gain fame.

The Frenchman has landed work through several agencies and has gained quite a social media fan following. We can see why.

With his prominent beard and tattoos, Dumas says his look is totally unique in the fashion world.

"Often, thanks to my job," Dumas told Style Aria. "I am surrounded by young people either on a movie set or a shoot. At my great surprise most of the time they compliment my look and ask for a selfie with me. Finally I keep thinking that getting older is not such a bad thing."

Indeed. Sixty's never looked so good.

After having a career in the French film industry, the change seems to have done Dumas a world of good. And he has a message for other post 50s looking to follow their dreams.

"We have to be very careful when getting to an older age not to be overwhelmed by the transformation happening to the body. It’s necessary not to give up and keep the same activities and life routine as when younger," he said.

Dumas joins the ranks of other older models who have found celebrity through social media, including our favorite hot santa, Paul Mason, the unconventional Baddie Winkle, and 90-year-old diva Betty Bailey.

Killin' it, folks.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Dumas himself posted his photos on Reddit. It has since been updated, with clarification from Dumas.

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