15/06/2016 12:19 AM AEST

There's A New 'Final Fantasy' Movie, And Its CGI Is Almost Too Real

Just look at the hair!

"Uncanny valley" barely begins to describe a new trailer for the upcoming "Final Fantasy" movie.

The computer-generated imagery in "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" -- which will be released in select theaters Aug. 19, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Monday -- is realistic enough that you'll probably do a double take on first glance.

Just look at this series of delicious "Final Fantasy" hairstyles and armor!

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Look at this punk spit!

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Marvel at the incredibly realistic magical blasts hurled at this run-of-the-mill Cerberean beast!

Sony Pictures Entertainment

And then compare it to the relatively muddy visuals in 2001's "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within."

Columbia Pictures

We've come a long way. 

If you can't make it to a theater for "Kingsglaive" -- which stars Aaron Paul and Lena Headey as hyperrealistic characters they in no way resemble -- the film will also be released on home video, Sony Pictures said.