16/06/2016 10:45 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

Bob Geldof Chasing Nigel Farage On The Thames Is The Weirdest James Bond Film You've Never Seen

Cue Benny Hill music.

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Bob Geldof chases Nigel Farage on the Thames.

Britain's ongoing debate over whether to exit the European Union took to the River Thames overnight, and it was slightly ridiculous.

United Kingdom Independence Party and "Brexit" proponent Nigel Farage led a flotilla of fishing boats up the river towards the British Parliament on Wednesday to protest against EU fishing policies.

Then Bob Geldof was there. The activist, pop star and knight steered against the flotilla trying to block it.

He also reportedly blasted Farage through a loud speaker system, blasting him as a "fraud" and reportedly making a "wanker" gesture towards him.

Farage tried his best to ignore the pop star, but Scottish MEP David Coburn had no such reservations, and branded Geldof and his pals as "millionaires for Remain".

Despite the serious nature of the Brexit debate, Londoners took it in their stride.

Jokes aside, Britain will head to the polls next Thursday to decide if it should remain part of the EU.

Stock markets plunged earlier this week on fears the UK could vote to leave the EU, amid polling showing the leave camp held 46 per cent of the vote compared to 39 per cent of the UK who wanted to remain in the EU.

U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen the referendum was a factor in the U.S. central bank's decision to hold interest rates steady at its meeting in Washington on Wednesday.

On Thursday the Irish Times reported British prime minister David Cameron pulled out of a planned appearance with Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Manchester on Friday morning to appeal to British voters to remain in the EU.

The paper said Cameron's decision not to participate in the event was taken after advice by Remain strategists that he is having a tough time convincing working-class Labour voters to back the pro-EU campaign.

That said, we'll leave you with these tweets.