16/06/2016 10:21 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

Bob Katter's Half-Brother Carl Is Everything Bob Katter Is Not

An understatement, even?

The Candidate for Higgins.
Facebook: Carl Katter
The Candidate for Higgins.

While Bob Katter is out shooting Labor and Liberal members on the campaign trail (we kid), his half-brother Carl Katter is running his first political race with marriage equality and the LGBTI community in mind.

To say they're worlds apart may be the world's greatest understatement. And on Thursday morning there was not better example of this.

Speaking to Kochie on Sunrise, Bob Katter denied his latest ad 'killing' politicians with a shotgun was insensitive to the LGBTI community (and just generally) in light of the shocking Orlando massacre killing 49 people and injuring more.

"I don't know what is going on in the media. I don't watch television. I get to bed at midnight every night," Katter said.

"You didn't know there was a shooting in Orlando?" asked Kochie.

"I repeat to you that I get in every night at midnight and with all due respect, I watch a movie if I switch the television on, not that I do. I do not read the newspapers, haven't read the newspapers in ages. But that's not the issue."

Katter's younger, and more liberal (with a lower case) brother, appeared on ABC radio putting same sex marriage and LGBTI rights on the agenda as Labor candidate in the Victorian electorate of Higgins.

Carl Katter is running against Liberal Kelly O'Dwyer who is Assistant Treasurer and one of the six women on the Coalition's front bench.

And when asked whether LGBTI quotas in the major political parties were important, Carl Katter said it was more important to put women first, like O'Dwyer.

"It's shocking here in Australia that we have such a small level of representation of Indigenous Australians, female representation. It's still lagging behind," Katter said.

They're not the first startlingly dissimilar siblings on the political scene, with Christine Forster fighting for same sex marriage while her brother Tony Abbott was the Prime Minister.

But while they do both advocate for clean energy and climate change as an important political issue, same sex marriage may be where they differ most.

Carl Katter is openly gay and when you type 'Bob Katter' into Youtube the first thing that will come up is 'Bob Katter anti gay ad'.

He has previously said same-sex marriage "deserved to be ridiculed" while Carl Katter has appeared in an ad (of the different kind) promoting marriage equality. He also called his older brother's statements "hurtful, dangerous, damaging and really inappropriate".

As Katter is running to keep hold of his regional Queensland electorate of Kennedy and has formed Katter's Australian Party, the main drivers of his campaign lie in job creation, keeping local businesses Australian-owned and deregulation -- let us get down to specifics -- "to pay for a licence to go fishing, to being fined for boiling a billy in your backyard".

Carl Katter, as mentioned, is driven by LGBTI rights, marriage equality and climate change. He also does not wear an akubra with his suit.

But if all this Katter chatter has you just wanting to watch that ad again, you can click here because here's one of Josh Thomas schooling the Independent about mental health in the gay community.