16/06/2016 12:51 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

Donald Trump As A Japanese Megabot Is 2016 Taken To Its Natural Conclusion

He builds walls, then blows up the planet.

A still from filmmaker Mike Diva's completely nuts Japanese style Trump Ad.

Sometimes, real art stays with you.

Like with this video, where a giant robot Donald Trump builds his wall, takes off to space and blows up the planet.

Artistic hyperbole? Maybe.

Maybe not.

The fake Japanese style ad is the product of U.S. film and music video director Mike Diva, who made the commercial for his Senpai (teacher) and "future world President" Donald Trump.

And it's confused fans of the YouTube star over whether it's a pro or anti-Trump ad -- even though it shows the Republican presidential hopeful saluting in front of a swastika.

"This not Anti Trump at all. If you're familiar with Japanese entertainment... they do a lot of weird things and make fun of everything," wrote one user.

"Don't try to make sense of Japanese entertainment because there is no sense in it. Just enjoy it."

Another viewer said: "I love it when the Anti-Trump crowd inadvertently make Pro-Trump material in their attempt to mock him."

For his part, Diva seems unphased.

"Huge thanks to everyone who helped me make this stupid thing out of the kindness of their hearts," Diva wrote on his YouTube page.

"Their love for our glorious leader!!!"

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