16/06/2016 8:00 PM AEST

10 Mayo-less Potato Salads For All The Mayo Haters Out There

Further evidence that mayonnaise is just not necessary.

Foodie Crush

If you hate mayonnaise, despise the white stuff, can't have it within a five-foot radius of your being, we're willing to bet that potato salad is the bane of your existence. A heap of delicious, freshly cooked potatoes, drowned in a bucket-load of mayo. It's a difficult sight to see for those with an aversion to mayo, and a tough reality to live (a life without potato salad, that is).

We're here to help with 10 potato salads that don't need a single dollop of mayonnaise. That's right, mayo-less potato salads are here and they're just in time for summer. Bonus, a few of these recipes use bacon (and its grease) in place of mayo. Genius.

Here they are: