17/06/2016 8:59 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

iPhone Users Can Now Search GIFs, Google Right From The Keyboard

'Gboard' is a new keyboard for iPhone.

Just search:

It's true: sometimes emoji speaks louder than words which is why it can get super tedious when you can't find the one you're looking for.

Enter Google's "Gboard" a new keyboard for your iPhone. Not only does it have your emoji struggles covered, but with Google Search built right in it means no more app switching to search for the address or phone number of a restaurant while messaging your friends.

Simply search, and then send, right from your keyboard.

The new feature is currently only available to iOS users, who have long had to battle too many taps to get to the Google search from other apps, unlike Android users, who have had access to Google anywhere from their phone with Quick Search Bar and Now on Tap for a while now.


It gets better. There's Glide Typing. And as well as searching for your favourite emoji (Martini! Cheers! Laughing Cat!) you can also search GIFs. An important tool, especially when illustrating 'dem Friday feels.


So, how do I set up Gboard?

Once you install the app, open it and tap "GET STARTED." It'll take you through a quick set-up process -- instructions listed here too for your reference:

1. Tap on the "GET STARTED" button in the Gboard app

2. Tap "Add new keyboard"

3. Select "Gboard" from the Third-Party Keyboards section

4. Tap "Gboard" again

5. Enable "Allow Full Access" (by turning on the switch)

6. (Optional) You can change the priority of Gboard by tapping "Edit" and dragging it to the top of the list

7. Launch Gboard by bringing up the keyboard (in any app) and tapping on the Globe icon next to the space bar. You may have to tap on this icon a few times if you have several keyboards enabled.