16/06/2016 2:23 AM AEST | Updated 18/06/2016 4:54 AM AEST

This Targaryen Family Tree Helps Clear Up All Your Confusion

Confused about the Targaryen lineage? So are we. 

Thankfully, French illustrator and video game developer Maryon B. is using her creative talents to help make things a bit clearer. She drew the complete Targaryen family tree and shared it on Deviant Art for fans' use, along with the disclaimer "I DON'T EVEN LIKE HOUSE TARGARYEN WHY DID I DO THIS." 

"I actually started the tree out of spite because all their descriptions (and fan representations) make them look the same — beautiful, silver-haired and purple eyes, and it frustrated me to see them as elf-clones," she told Vox in an email. 

Maryon B. sketched 100 Targaryens for her tree, with generations tracing back to momentous times from Old Valyria through the War of the Usurper. The Targaryens and their mighty dragons ruled the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries. 


Maryon is a huge fan of the series. 

"I discovered the GoT show a bit late, at Season 2," she told The Huffington Post in an email. "We binge watched the first two seasons in two nights. Then I was so hooked that I needed to know what happened next and started reading the books. It all went downhill from there. I read additional novels and materials, and I got involved with the online community doing countless fan-arts. This tree is just the tip of the iceberg." 

For those watching Season 6 or reading spoilers on Reddit, one of the biggest fan theories links this family to another fan-favorite -- a team that may just be the salvation of the realm. 

But we digress ... 

Maryon has plans to do additional drawings focused on scenes and characters. 

"[S]ince the Targaryens were all pretty people, it'd be interesting to flip the coin and do the Frey [who] are mostly ugly!" she wrote to HuffPost. "I don't know why, but I get very interested in minor characters, even (especially) the ones that have a single dialogue or a single line of description. Sorry you won't catch me drawing Jon Snow or Arya Stark."