18/06/2016 12:37 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

'Guerrilla Street Nannas' Hijack Turnbull Campaign Posters In Wentworth

The war in Wentworth just got wild.

David Gray / Reuters
The Prime Minister has come under attack in his home electorate.

Things just got dirty in Wentworth, all thanks to clean energy and some "guerrilla street nannas".

Confused? Stick with us.

After the Prime Minister defended his commitment to climate change during the first online leaders' debate on Friday night, his electorate awoke to find his corflutes donning additional work. Take a look for yourself.

Progressive campaigning group GetUp! have claimed ownership for the makeover, with more than 200 Turnbull signs -- extending all the way down to the main street of Bondi -- receiving the additional work.

GetUp! Climate Campaign Director Sam Regester told The Huffington Post Australia the makeover was due to a growing resentment in the electorate over Turnbull's lack of action.

"There were high hopes when he became Prime Minister but they think Turnbull's bowed to the far right of his party and has done nothing [to address climate change]," Regester said.

Malcolm Turnbull's Wentworth corflutes with GetUp!'s addition.

But the group also wanted to have a bit of fun with it and won't be stopping at 200. Another 100 are set to go up during the night over the rest of the weekend. And if some are removed by disgruntled Turnbull supporters in the electorate?

"We have a small hand full of guerrilla street nannas who will be making sure more go back up," Regester said, suggesting the group of women aged 65 and over have the support of 14,000 members.

"It's a serious message so we need to do it but the whole country is dying to have a bit of fun."

The timing couldn't have been better for Evan Hughes -- the Labor candidate standing against Turnbull in Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs. As Hughes launched his Labor campaign at Bondi Pavillion on Saturday morning, his ALP counterpart who is ironically standing against Tony Abbott in Warringah attended in support.

And managed to find the time to spruik Turnbull's new additions.

However dirty the battle for Wentworth became overnight, it's still nowhere near the brutal fight in Warringah which you can read about here, here and here.

Turnbull was preoccupied in the Melbourne seat of Deakin on Saturday morning, announcing $10.5 million to build an indoor netball centre, encouraging more women into sport. He didn't shy away from slamming Shorten's lack of an economic plan after the online leaders' debate either.

On Friday night, Bill Shorten let an absolute zinger rip about the Prime Minister's stance on climate change, calling Tony Abbott Turnbull's "climate advisor".

But the digs won't stop there. GetUp! has been working with the Fizza artist whose work made headlines at the start of the election campaign. Fizza posters targeting Turnbull's approach to climate change have been popping up around the electorate too, with a rally to be held in Wentworth next Sunday.

Fizza posters calling for a rally over climate change have popped up around the Wentworth electorate.

Maybe Warringah does have some competition.