20/06/2016 1:31 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

This 'Adorable' Little Koala Joey Is NOT To Be Messed With

Looks can be deceiving. 🐨👹

It was a magical moment when Louise the rescued koala joey ventured out of her pouch for the second time ever.

Then she got vicious.

Watch as the plucky little ball of fluff approaches a massive teddy bear and beats the absolute s*** out of it, reminding us all that while koalas may look cute, they are actually wild animals.

The Hunter Koala Preservation Society shared the video on Facebook saying "check out the left hooks and the right upper cuts".

Facebook / Hunter Koala Preservation Society
This koala joey does NOT want to snuggle with her teddy.

"Not very lady like but she is going to need this attitude one day".

Indeed the organisation rehabilitates then releases koalas back into the wild and one day, Louise is going to need this fighting spirit.

As for the teddy bear, it lives to fight another night.