20/06/2016 11:24 PM AEST

No One Had More Fun At The MuchMusic Awards Than Gigi Hadid

Hosting an awards show is a tough gig. You've got to keep the show flowing, entertain a huge crowd and oh, right, change your entire look at record speed multiple times over the course of the evening.

For that reason alone, having supermodel Gigi Hadid emcee the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto Sunday night was a wise decision. After all, who better to change into six (yes, six!) different outfits in one night than a Fashion Week mainstay?

But Hadid didn't only transition from outfit to outfit with ease, she looked like she had a blast doing it. From a show-stopping red suit on the red carpet to her matching moment with Hailey Baldwin, check out the many sparkly, swoon-worthy looks she wore during evening's festivities: