21/06/2016 9:55 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

Protesters Dressed In Hazmat Suits Storm Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg's Office

The MP was speaking at a conference at the time.

Protesters entered the offices and staged a sit-in.

Around 50 environmental protesters are demonstrating inside and outside Resources and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg's office, declaring it a "climate crime scene" and calling for action on climate change.

Menna McAlpin, one of the activists and organisers, told The Huffington Post Australia that around a dozen people had made their way inside the building in Camberwell, Victoria, and were currently occupying the foyer of Frydenberg's office, while another 40 were outside. Frydenberg is the federal MP for Kooyong.

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"The police have just come, we're liaising with them. It's pretty calm at the moment," she said.

"We're here to voice our concern because we've seen the effects of climate change, we've seen the Great Barrier Reef bleaching. We're deeply unsatisfied with the government's relationship with the fossil fuel industry, and we're here to let Josh Frydenberg know that we'd like him to end his relationship with fossil fuel companies."

Frydenberg's resources and energy portfolio includes fuels.

"We have a choir of climate singers out front who are keeping out spirits up. We want to have a talk and stay as long as we feel comfortable," McAlpin said.

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In a statement, the campaigns director of environmental group 350.org, Charlie Wood, criticised Frydenberg's decisions as minister.

"Mr Frydenberg has repeatedly showed himself to be unfit for office. From spruiking the benefits of coal and gas to blocking the price on pollution and saying no to investing in clean energy, he has consistently put the big polluters ahead of the people he was elected to represent," Wood said.

"When our politicians fail us, it is up to ordinary people to step up. The disruption we are causing here today is nothing compared to the disruption caused by runaway climate change. Peacefully occupying Mr Frydenberg's office is not radical. What Mr Frydenberg and his party are doing to our communities and our climate is radical."

The action comes just days after Frydenberg was targeted by another environmental protest at a town hall event in Melbourne. A man was detained by federal police after approaching the stage and claiming he had a can of bleach for Frydenberg, apparently a reference to bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

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