21/06/2016 1:02 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

Why Has The PM's Best Parody Account Gone Silent On The Campaign Trail?

Remember Texts From Malcolm?

Instagram: Texts From Malcolm
The parody account is pretty much the only one stepping away from the campaign trail.

Malcolm Turnbull announcing his own Snapchat account pretty much sealed the 2016 election's fate as the social media election.

But as our politicians tweet, post and selfie their campaigns away the Prime Minister's greatest social media asset (some would argue), a parody account, seems to have disappeared without a post. Well, there's been one lonely post during the campaign.

Texts From Malcolm showcases the Malcolm who not only lays into his Cabinet, but everyone from Sam Frost to Justin Bieber. So why has this Malcolm been so quiet?

"Just got busy with work. You know, preparing for an election," the man behind the account told The Huffington Post Australia.

Dutton dressed as lamb 🐑 #peterdutton #malcolmturnbull #textsfrommalcolm #auspol

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He isn't Turnbull, but a Sydney based 27-year-old corporate lawyer who started the account because the PM's public image is "a goldmine for satire".

Based on the Tumblr account 'Texts From Hillary', the account which was created in March 2015 developed a following after leadership speculation within the Coalition. This following boomed to more than 30,000 followers when Turnbull became PM in September.

"He's the Obama of Australian politics," the account's creator told HuffPost Australia.

"People have a romanticised image of Malcolm. They think he's capable but also principled. They think he's tough but also relatable.

"He will go to parliament, make really reasonable policy decisions based on evidence and logic, fight for good causes like climate control and gay rights but then also go and have dinner with Cate Blanchett. Because why wouldn't she want to have dinner with him?

"Who doesn't want to have a beer with Malcolm?"

Reach for the st⭐️rs. And if you fall, land on Gumtree. #tonyabbott #malcolmturnbull #textsfrommalcolm #juliebishop

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However, since Turnbull took the top job in September his leadership has been one of compromise with the far right of his party. He has not yet delivered strong reform on climate change and will still hold a plebiscite into same sex marriage.

With less than two weeks to go before Aussies cast their vote, and many Turnbull supporters questioning this leadership, the man behind Texts From Malcolm's support is unwavering.

"Look, undeniably some of the glow has faded but politicians are never more unlikeable than when they are trying to make you like them," he told HuffPost Australia.

"Obama was hugely unpopular going into his second term but now that he hasn't had to run a campaign he's more popular than ever. People respond to results."

And people also respond to memes. So here are the best of them.

Bill can be very negative sometimes 🏈🏈🏈 #NRL #Dallym #dallymawards #billshorten #malcolmturnbull #textsfrommalcolm

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🏆🏆🏆 @natfyfe #natfyfe #brownlow #afl #malcolmturnbull #textsfrommalcolm

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Juliar Bishop 😂😂😂 #auspol #juliebishop #malcolmturnbull #textsfrommalcolm #coffeetablegate

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