21/06/2016 4:26 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

'Blizzard McBlizzFace' Brings First Serious Snow To Australia

It's the blizzard of Oz.

You're not allowed to say the word rain in the forums on snow websites. The word is abbreviated as r*** because it is, after all, a four letter word.

There is, however, one four letter word you're definitely allowed to say on said sites, and that word is snow. And for the first time in the slow-starting season of 2016, there's plenty of snow to talk about. This storm has only just started and there's not much on the ground yet.

But it's coming. Oh boy, is it coming.

So much snow is coming this week that a whole thread on the nation's leading snow sports website was dedicated to the naming of the weather system which has just struck the Alps and which looks set to last until the weekend.

Our favourite name in that thread was "Fronty McFrontface (a cheeky reference to cold fronts and the whole Boaty McBoatface saga) but we thought we'd change that to Blizzard McBlizzface.

Now that we've got a name, we should tell you that everyone's so excited about Blizzard McBlizzface they're showing... snowflakes... in... sloooooooow... motion.

This was Falls Creek in Victoria on Tuesday afternoon.

For the next couple of days, Blizzard McBlizzface will deliver snow up high and rain at the lower elevations of the Australian resorts. Come Friday, all snowy heaven will break loose.

On Tuesday, the snowline was about 1300 metres above sea level. But that'll fall as low as 700-800 metres across Victoria and New South Wales by Friday afternoon.

That'll make it feel exceptionally cold pretty much everywhere east of Adelaide and south of Brisbane. All sorts of towns outside the Australian Alps can expect a flurry or two, including several spots on the NSW northern tablelands up near the Queensland border.

Like weather maps? Then you'll know this baby is juicy. Don't understand weather maps? Just look at the 10am one (bottom left). That's when that beautiful little cold front parks its backside over southeastern Australia having come straight from Antarctic Waters.

Bureau of Meteorology
A conveyor belt of cold.

Yes, it's going to be cold this weekend. Stock up on soup and marshmallows. If you're into snow, the Aussie winter looks like it's finally underway. And just in time for school holidays too, which will give resort staff like our mates at Falls Creek who supplied the video above a huge sigh of relief.