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NASA Wants You On The Red Planet

NASA's new campaign means you could make the most of those childhood dreams to be an astronaut.

If you grew up wanting to be an astronaut, NASA could have an idea for you that's more "out of this world" than you think.

While Virgin Galactic has been working towards passenger space travel, there could be a list of new jobs that eclipse that (see what we did there?) and put you on the surface of the Red Planet to look like a retro 80s poster.

NASA are looking for explorers, night owls, farmers, surveyors, teachers, technicians and assemblers willing to pack their bags, hop on a space ship and help their robots to colonise the little red dot in the sky.

Like something straight from a page of Uncle Sam's book, the campaign says NASA wants you to be a martian, have an "office with a view" and catch blue sunsets while you make the Journey To Mars a little easier for others in the future.

But don't pack your bags just yet. NASA has previously estimated that humans could be on Mars by 2030, so this campaign still seems a little other-worldly just now.

As for the posters, we'll let them speak for themselves.

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