23/06/2016 12:38 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

This Euro 2016 Icelandic Commentator Just Had An Audiogasm

Was it good for you, too?

Darren Staples / Reuters
Best. Commentary. Ever.

Iceland is a country well known for its frequent earthquakes. But the earth really moved for Icelanders overnight, and especially for this highly aroused football commentator at the Euro 2016 football championships where Iceland beat Austria 2-1.

This was a moment of sheer ecstasy. Stop reading and listen for yourself. Might be best to put your headphones on in case your workmates think something strange is going on.

Not since Harry took Sally out to lunch has a series of orgasmic noises penetrated the public sphere like this. The commentary is already fevered as an Icelandic player approaches Austria's goal. It becomes a rasping Nordic falsetto as the ball is crossed to two waiting attackers.

A hopeful gasp. Another hopeful gasp. A gasp of sheer joy as the pass connects and substitute Arnor Ingvi Traustason sends the ball goalwards. Three extended high pitch gasps as it's clear Iceland has scored.

The commentator literally has no words at this point. The northern elephant seals which frequent Iceland's coastline have been known to enunciate more clearly. But his seventh delirious gasp tails off into something approaching language.

Darren Staples / Reuters

Let us summarise the above thus: Best. Commentary. Ever.

You might also be wondering what the commentator actually says when he reverts back to something resembling language.

On that front, The Huffington Post Australia contacted the first Aussie we Googled who speaks Icelandic. His name's James Douglas and he's a terrifically helpful bloke who just happens to speak Icelandic because he has an Icelandic mum. Here's his take:

The commentator is so overcome with disbelief and excitement that it's a bit hard to decipher him but from what I could hear, after the goal he screams "YES!" ... a lot. He then screams, "We've won, we made it!"

He says something about the game in general (which I couldn't decipher) and then continues, "......It doesn't matter, we have made it! Forward! Traustason has scored!!

Thanks James, and good luck later this week against that other small island in the north Atlantic, aka England, who Iceland now meets in the elimination phase of the tournament.

Getting this far is a remarkable achievement for a nation with a population of just 320,000 which was considered next to no chance of qualifying for the Euro 2016 tournament, but which got here after upsetting the Netherlands 1-0 and having a big food fight to celebrate.

So you can understand the excitement. Meanwhile in other Euro 2016 news....