23/06/2016 2:21 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

Ronaldo's Goal Was Exquisite But His Mic Throw Was Even Better

Lake. One... Two...

Reuters Staff / Reuters
We have absolutely no idea what is happening in this image.

Where do you start? Do you start with the belligerent Cristiano Ronaldo microphone toss into the lake or the exquisite goal he scored just a few hours later as Portugal drew 3-3 with Hungary to advance to the knockout stage of at Euro 2016?

Let's do this chronologically.

Portugal's match against Hungary was huge. After two draws in their opening two matches at Euro 2016, Portugal couldn't afford to lose. Cristian Ronaldo is by most people's estimation the best player in the world whose name is not Lionel Messi. Some rate him number one on the planet.

But Ronaldo hadn't scored yet in this tournament. And as he went for a walk beside a lake on a pleasant sunny morning in France's third largest city of Lyon, he was clearly in no mood for a dopey question from a reporter working for a TV network he didn't like.

So when the question came, he threw the microphone in the lake. Let's see that again. Because several times is nowhere near enough.

For the record, the reporter simply asked whether Ronaldo was ready for the match ahead, which is not normally the sort of thing which would result in a watery end for a piece of recording equipment (cue jokes).

But it turns out the reporter was a fellow named Diogo Torres who works for a network called CMTV. CMTV is owned by the same company which owns a major Portuguese tabloid newspaper which has said some pretty nasty stuff about Ronaldo in the past (according to Ronaldo).

"We produce a lot of news about him. Some of it he doesn't like. Perhaps that's why he did it. But it wasn't a personal thing," Torres told BBC Sport.

"I've not had an apology from Ronaldo or the team. We travelled to France on the same plane with the players and will fly back with them."

We imagine the two won't be seated together. Meanwhile here's the backheel goal Ronaldo scored as part of a man-of-the-match performance in which the 31-year-old scored a second goal with a header and also delivered a beautiful goal assist.

Oh, stop it.

It immediately drew comparisons with Englishman Jamie Vardy's stunning backheel against Germany in the lead-up to this tournament.

One more time, here's a montage of Ronaldo's day. All in all, a solid day at work. Anyone can mic drop. Mic lake throw is next level.