24/06/2016 2:59 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:54 PM AEST

Lindsay Lohan Live-Tweeted Brexit, Because That's What She Does Now

We have some questions.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Lindsay Lohan weighed in on the Brexit debate.

As the world reacts to the United Kingdom's exit from the EU, we now look to one of our most famed commentators: none other than Lindsay Lohan.

The Mean Girls star, who now is said to reside in London, hit up social media on Friday (AEST) when the UK went to the polls to decide its fate.

It all started with this somewhat obscure Instagram post where Lohan seemed to promote Chanel whilst announcing her undivided attention to the BBC's live EU referendum results.

And the insightful analysis kept coming as Lohan urged Brits to "remain" so they could "be smart, pay attention and buy Chanel".

Lohan tipped some questions a fair few were asking...

And directly tweeted the Independent newspaper demanding answers over the plummeting pound:

Her remarks intensified as the votes rolled in:

Alas! A moment of clarity from Li-Lo:

And a few Mean Girls quotes were tossed in as she capped off the night...

#remain 🙏🏻

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As fans and news outlets weighed in, Lohan was quick to announce that this in fact was not a drill: