Could This Be Why Your 'Snooze' Button Is Getting A Workout?

Only 1 in 6 Aussies report feeling rested when they wake.
One word: Snooze.
One word: Snooze.

Like the perfect cup of tea, a good night's sleep is dependent on a number of things.

From the temperature, darkness and pillow to whether you've been staring at your screen for hours beforehand, achieving quality shut-eye can at times, seem elusive.

Indeed, it's pretty easy to tell when you've been blessed with a good night's sleep: you'll likely wake prior to your alarm, not be tempted to hit snooze and feel ready to take on the day.

But it doesn't stop there -- your mood improves, you'll be a nicer person, eat healthier and perform better. Despite the benefits, plenty of Aussies still report poor sleep with only one in six (17 percent) saying they wake feeling rested.

The infographic below sums up our nation's sleep struggles in one hit.