24/06/2016 8:00 PM AEST

This Surprise Bread Is Making Sandwiches Great Again

All bread should come with a surprise inside.

Japanese baker and Instagrammer RAN of Konel Bread is single-handedly making sandwiches great again with her surprise bread creations. In her round loaf pans, she bakes circular breads with fun designs hidden inside. Some of her loaves are cheeky, like this specimen that makes you ask: is it an orange slice or a slice of bread?

Some of them are fashion-forward, getting fresh with animal prints.

And some of them are almost too adorable to eat. <3 SNOOPY <3

We've seen lots of cute bread in our life -- like this amazing pugloaf -- but these surprise breads are something truly special. The designs are created using ropes of dough layered together and the dyes are all-natural and vegetable-derived. Here's one more example, just for good measure.