28/06/2016 11:51 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

Labor MP Michael Danby Calls Female Greens Opponent 'Obnoxious Bigot'

Michael Danby looks likely to lose his Melbourne seat.

Fairfax Media
Michael Danby (left, pointing) has been criticising his Greens opponent online

The relationship between Australia's two main progressive parties has soured further, with Labor's Michael Danby calling his Greens opponent in Melbourne Ports an "obnoxious bigot".

Danby is reportedly set to lose his seat at the July 2 poll, with both Liberals and Greens polling ahead of him. LNP candidate Owen Guest is comfortably leading amongst voters, according to a poll taken recently, but Danby has focused his ire on Greens candidate Steph Hodgins-May.

The MP notes that he is handing out the "official ALP" how-to-vote, seemingly a reference to headlines earlier this month that Danby has refused instructions from Labor headquarters to preference Greens above Liberals and was handing out his own HTV card placing the Greens last.

The "official" ALP card places the Liberals last at number seven on the card and the Greens at position five, but Danby seems to have continued his antipathy toward the party online.

Today's tweet was not the first time he has accused Hodgins-May of being a "bigot", with the MP also levelling the criticism several weeks ago.

And again on Twitter:

In response, Hodgins-May has said Danby had "gone rogue" by preferencing Liberals over Greens in the seat. It has been reported that Danby is distributing two sets of how-to-vote cards for different parts of the electorate.

Despite the Liberal candidate Guest leading in the polls, Danby does not seem to have levelled any personal attacks against him.