30/06/2016 4:20 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

Yet Another Telstra Outage Hits Customers, And They Are Pissed

#telstraoutage strikes again.

David Gray / Reuters
Telstra customers across Australia are experiencing yet another network outage.

Telstra customers are outraged following yet another network outage.

Just a day after Telstra CEO Andy Penn announced a $250 million investment to prevent outages and improve its mobile and broadband networks, another outage has hit customers.

The outage seems to be affecting corporate customers across the country.

On Thursday afternoon #telstraoutage started trending on Twitter with angry customers venting their frustration.

The outage is restricting Jetstar customers from checking in at Melbourne airport.

"There is an issue at the moment with Jetstar. It is due to the Telstra outage," a Melbourne airport spokeswoman said.

"We have seen impact in Melbourne and are working closely with Telstra."

Telstra customers have experienced various outages this year and the network has had to offer free usage as compensation for disruptions.