01/07/2016 3:45 PM AEST | Updated 25/07/2016 12:32 PM AEST

The Election Marathon Monster Mash

Eight weeks of election madness, mashed.

Week One - The marathon begins.
It's neck and neck in the polls. Malcolm Turnbull is excited. The Greens want to be friends with Labor. Bill Shorten tells them they're dreaming. Tony Abbott just wants someone to take his flyer.

Week Two - They Took Our Jeerbs!
Malcolm still thinks everything is awesome. Bill reckons it's a shamozzle. Peter Dutton says refugees can't read, write or add up - but are still going to take our jeerbs!

Week Three - It's like one of those Hollywood Movies.
Billion-Dollar Bill, Johnny Depp and Hannibal Lecter star in this multi-billion dollar production of Week Three: When The Election Campaign Got Weird.

Week Four - Boy, that escalated quickly.
Malcolm and Bill both want a strong economy. The nation is falling asleep. Something about superannuation? Oh, and war is declared.

Week Five - We're only halfway there.
Sexism, feminism, mums and dads, Zoolander, Facebook, innovation. Is this ever going to end?

Week Six - I need to get a pair of socks.
Bob Katter says we're not allowed to have fun anymore in this country. Malcolm attempts to prove otherwise.

Week Seven - Never. Ever.
The biggest, desperate, outrageous, bizarre, shameful, extraordinary lie.

Week Eight - Just wait for the punchline.
The defining moment in this campaign?

Videos edited by Tom Compagnoni.