02/07/2016 12:17 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

Turnbull Still Turns In Votes Despite A 'Disappointed' Wentworth

Democracy kale > democracy sausage. Apparently.

Turnbull cast his vote at Double Bay Primary School but stayed clear of a democracy sausage.

You could smell the sweet scent of democracy from Sydney Harbour, running up to the shores of Malcolm Turnbull's affluent electorate of Wentworth. There were long queues, decorated democracy sausages and yes, democracy kale too.

The overwhelming sentiment among the electors who spoke to The Huffington Post Australia at polling booths of Rose Bay, Double Bay and Potts Point was disappointment at Turnbull's leadership wavering to conservatives. But yes, most will still be casting a vote for the Liberal leader.

Calum Ross of Darling Point is a staunch Liberal voter and supports the Point Piper politician's socially progressive views. He hopes to see more of them too.

"I think [Turnbull] started off not too well in the earlier parts of the campaign but in the last two weeks he has gone from strength to strength," Ross told HuffPost Australia.

Ross believes Turnbull will have more of a mandate within the Liberal Party once re-elected, if he is re-elected, saying Turnbull's personal views connect with younger Coalition voters.

"Certainly younger people -- people in their 30s like me -- are more centralist in their thinking."

HuffPost: Emily Brooks
Jo Friebel and Tali Fisher sell the locally grown produce to electors in Rose Bay hitting the polls.

As HuffPost Australia stood out the front of Rose Bay Public School, the overwhelming majority of electors accepted Liberal how-to-vote cards. The school also traded in a sausage sizzle to sell local produce and herbs grown at the school. So there was no sideways sausage consumption there (yes, Bill Shorten we're looking at you).

But the surprising underdog surging into the public interest was Shayne Higson of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, with NSW senate candidates sparking some interest with senior electors.

"I mean the normal thing to do is to follow the Liberals in this area but I noticed here someone from the Voluntary Euthanasia Party. It's very sensible," Dennis of Rose Bay said.

The few electors voting against Turnbull were already Greens voters, including Emma Daniell -- who was running Rose Bay Public School's local produce stall.

Speaking of greens, Wentworth was full of them, with local veggies not only replacing democracy sausages in Rose Bay, but accompanying the best sausage sizzle in the electorate (extensive taste testing was conducted by HuffPost Australia).

At Double Bay Public School, Jack and Charlie were running the show -- where electors were treated to sausages AND bacon and egg rolls. And there was some serious condiment action with relish accompanying the basic tomato sauce and mustard.

HuffPost: Emily Brooks
Jack and Charlie hold the fort at the Double Bay Public School sausage sizzle.

Turnbull didn't get involved in the democracy sausage consumption when he turned up to vote with Lucy who was a hit with the local kids. The pair didn't skip the 15-minute line-up either.

But the Liberal leader couldn't avoid the issue of climate change. Progressive campaigning group GetUp! have been sitting out the front of booths with 'Fizza' posters, while Turnbull was heckled by a voter at Double Bay Primary School who said the school would be underwater in 80 years.

The NBN also popped up as an issue turning voters away from the Innovation Prime Minister.

Wes of Rose Bay still hadn't decided who he was voting for when he arrived at Rose Bay Public School.

"I'll see when I get in there who is on the ballot," Wes told HuffPost Australia.

"All I know is I'm not voting for the Liberals because I don't like how they destroyed the NBN. I'm in the technology sector so that's a really big issue for me."