04/07/2016 10:18 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

Wet Weather Week Ahead For Most Of Australia

Swimming season is officially over.

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Young boy wearing a yellow jacket at the Engliash seaside, on a windy day.

Aussies love to fit in one last swim before winter weather sets in but the time for optimism has passed. Even though it's pretty damn cold already, we can be a little crazy like that.

But wet weather is rolling in across most capitals this week, dampening any prospect of a final dip. Ironically, it's warm water that's contributing to the rain.

For Victoria and parts of NSW, senior forecaster Rod Dickson told The Huffington Post Australia the rain was stemming from the warm ocean.

David Gray / Reuters
The Clovelly Eskimos swim rain, hail and shine.

"Basically a low is developing off the east coast of Australia where there's warm sea surface temperatures and plenty of moisture to feed into the system," Dickson told HuffPost Australia.

"As winds circulate around the low, they will pick up moisture and drive it into eastern parts of Victoria and develop into heavy falls."

In Melbourne and Sydney, the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts a chance of rain every day until Sunday.

Perth and Canberra have a chance of rain every day from Wednesday to Sunday while Adelaide and Hobart have a chance of rain every day except Thursday and Friday.

Brisbane will have sunshine every day except forecast showers on Tuesday and a chance of rain on the weekend.

As for Darwin, it's sunny as far as the forecast goes, but there are other reasons why you my not want to swim.