05/07/2016 1:05 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

Nick Kyrgios, Who Doesn't Love Being Paid Millions Of Dollars To Play Tennis, Tells Piers Morgan To 'Eat A Dick'

Don't blame the game, blame the player.

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He's no saint, Nick.

Nick Kyrgios doesn't lose particularly well.

The Australian tennis brat remained true to form early on Tuesday morning after telling a press conference he doesn't "love the sport" after he lost to British heavyweight Andy Murray at Wimbledon.

On the surface that's not a particularly egregious admission. Tennis is, after all, a profession and you'd comfortably find many professionals who don't love their jobs.

But then again, most of those professionals don't get paid millions of dollars for a job that involves playing, for what is to many people, a hobby.

Kyrgios wasn't done there. Days after repeating the mistake of fellow Aussie badboy Bernard Tomic and using the word "retard" to describe his own support network, Kyrgios has gone foul on Twitter.

When British commentator Piers Morgan, who suggested on Twitter it was time for Kyrgios to "put your toys back in your pram & go home", the world no. 18 responded: "EAD".

In translation, that's "eat a dick". Class.

Kyrgios's behaviour is not to be excused but we should remember he's still only 21 years of age playing under a spotlight. There's still time for him to mature as a player and a man. He showed signs of that with a little self-awareness after the match.

"[I'm] just a little soft still," he admitted of his mentality in big, high-pressure matches.

"I think when things get tough I'm just a little bit soft."

Kyrgios needs to decide whether he loves tennis enough for the game to love him back. Then we'll really found out what sort of player he is.