07/07/2016 1:55 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

Bob Katter Backs A Malcolm Turnbull Coalition Government

'With no great enthusiasm'.

Independent MP Bob Katter has backed a Turnbull Government with "no great enthusiasm" on Thursday, as he does not want Australians to endure another election.

The Queensland independent said he will use his position "acting with aggression" to stop further foreign ownership.

"We do not want to go back to the polls, that should not be imposed upon the Australian people. So today we are announcing our support by supply and confidence for a Turnbull Government," Katter told reporters after meeting with Malcolm Turnbull in Brisbane on Thursday afternoon.

The founder of the Bob Katter Party said he has not signed any documents holding him to the agreement and maintains his right to change his mind at any point.

"My very close relationships with people like Anthony Albanese and Wayne Swan have yielded great benefits for Australia. I do not intend to damage those friendships and I maintain my right to move at any point in time in another direction."

Katter said he will be working very closely with South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon.

The Queenslander is one of five independents who the AEC says will be elected to the House of Representatives, which the nation -- and politicians -- have all eyes on as a hung parliament looks more and more likely. This includes new Nick Xenophon Team MP Rebekha Sharkie, Greens MP Adam Bandt, and independents Cath McGowan and Andrew Wilkie. You can read extensively about all of them here.