07/07/2016 9:05 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

Margot Robbie's Vanity Fair Profile Is The Definition Of Ignorance

'Australia is America 50 years ago.'

Brace yourself.
Vanity Fair
Brace yourself.

Margot Robbie has graced the cover of Vanity Fair's August issue and wowee, talk about a massive fact check fail slash total disservice to the Australian actor's talent.

Not only did writer Rich Cohen pull out unnecessary lines like "Robbie is too fresh to be pegged" and "she can be sexy and composed even while naked but only in character" (oh my!), but he failed to do any kind of research whatsoever on Australia, which featured heavily throughout the article.

"America is so far gone, we have to go to Australia to find a girl next door. In case you've missed it, her name is Margot Robbie. She is 26 and beautiful, not in that otherworldly, catwalk way but in a minor knock-around key, a blue mood, a slow dance. She is blonde but dark at the roots. She is tall but only with the help of certain shoes. She can be sexy and composed even while naked but only in character. As I said, she is from Australia. To understand her, you should think about what that means."

Please try not to LOL too hard while deciphering the magazine's take on our deserted little country "at the bottom of the world."

1. "As I said, she is from Australia. To understand her, you should think about what that means. Australia is America 50 years ago, sunny and slow, a throwback, which is why you go there for throwback people."

'You have the Internet and Netflix too?!' That's cute.

2. They still live and die with the plot turns of soap operas in Melbourne and Perth, still dwell in a single mass market in Adelaide and Sydney. In the morning, they watch Australia's Today show.

Home and Away and nothing else. Forever. OK?

3. "An ambitious Australian actor views Hollywood the way the Martians view Earth at the beginning of The War of the Worlds."

Literally every Australian's reaction to Hollywood ever. Truly.

4. "Robbie grew up in Gold Coast, a city on Australia's Pacific shore, 500 miles north of Sydney. In an old movie, you might have seen a crossroad sign demonstrating just how isolated it was, just how far from the known capitals."

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Gold Coast is one of Australia's fastest growing cities, attracting over 12 million visitors and approximately 12,500 new residents each year.

5. "Because Robbie is new on the scene, reporters are trying to fix her with a narrative. The job of the celebrity journalist: peg 'em so it's not only as if you know 'em but always have known 'em or someone just like 'em. But Robbie is too fresh to be pegged. Less being than becoming."

So, so precious. Isn't she?

Obviously, people aren't happy:

Australia's Harper's BAZAAR editor-in-chief, Kellie Hush had some choice words:

Aside from the lack of fact checking, people including feminist writer Roxane Gay have pointed to the piece being plain sexist:

But wait! There's more:

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