08/07/2016 3:28 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST

There Are Already Six Greyhounds Needing A Home

And thousands more will soon need a family.

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RSPCA NSW expects thousands of greyhounds will need a home.

It has only been one day since NSW Premier Mike Baird announced greyhound racing would be banned across the state from July 2017, but owners are already handing their dogs into RSPCA NSW.

There are six greyhounds available for adoption or fostering already, and as RSPCA NSW CEO Steven Coleman told The Huffington Post Australia on Thursday, a "fair proportion" of the dogs will have to be euthanised.

"Some dogs will never be able to be retrained or rehomed. These dogs by nature have a fairly significant prey drive and it takes significant work to re-hinge their minds to not chase," Coleman told The Huffington Post Australia.

But 'Bear' and 'Kunamata' are ready to find a loving home already. The two former racing greyhounds, who are only three years old, were handed in by their owner in Orange after Baird announced the ban on Thursday.

Supplied: RSPCA NSW
Kunamata, 3, is in the Blue Mountains waiting to find a home. His owner handed him in after the greyhound racing ban was announced.

Kunamata is sweet little guy, loves cuddles and would love to go home to a family with older children or another pup he can snuggle with, an RSPCA NSW spokeswoman told HuffPost Australia. While Bear is a bit of an attention seeker and loves a big backyard to play in with an active family to match.

If adopting is too much of a commitment, the six are available to foster. And for all those Sydneysiders living in a tiny apartment wishing they could fit a greyhound in it, RSPCA NSW is calling for donations to supply the dogs with bedding, food and veterinary care.

The animal welfare organisation has the support of all counterparts around the nation -- which Coleman said is about 150 organisations -- to deal with the onslaught of greyhounds needing a new home.

The organisation is also wiping the regular $100 'surrender fee' for owners who want to hand in a greyhound.

To see all of the greyhounds available for adoption click here.

Click here to adopt Kunamata or Bear in the Blue Mountains. In Illawara Jean and Presley are up for adoption. And in Sydney Mumma and Bubba are ready to find a home. Even a temporary one.

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