11/07/2016 6:01 AM AEST | Updated 11/07/2016 11:48 PM AEST

Things Got Super Awkward When Tom Hiddleston Dodged A Question About Taylor Swift

Loki doesn't kiss and tell.

As Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift continue trying to convince us that #Hiddleswift is a real relationship between two adults who are so in love, they’ve managed to keep quiet about the whole thing.

Until now, that is. 

On Saturday, while jogging around Australia’s Gold Coast, Hiddleston had a little run-in (no pun intended) with a reporter, and things got awkward. The reporter went in for the kill, asking the British actor, “How is Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast?”

Hiddleston let out an uncomfortable chuckle, clearly wondering how he was going to get around this one. Finally, after a bit of stammering, he said, “I’m not going to answer that, if it’s all right.”

But the reporter wasn’t done. Before Hiddleston could continue with his run, she asked him what the couple was planning on doing during their trip.

“I don’t know,” the actor said, exasperated. “It’s just good to be back.” 

Meanwhile, there were literally crying fans outside Hiddleswift’s hotel waiting for the actor to get back from his run. One girl and her parents reportedly drove three hours to try and get a glimpse of the golden couple. 

Australia is just the latest stop in the Hiddleswift World Tour. The couple has been spotted kissing at the Colosseum in Rome, frolicking around the beach in Rhode Island and walking along the shores of Suffolk, England, with Hiddleston’s mom. 

While down under, the two reportedly enjoyed a dinner date at Gemelli Italian restaurant, where “Taylor told the staff that Italian is her favorite food and she was very excited to try the food,” a source told People. 

“Taylor and Tom walked in hand-in-hand and left the same way,” the source added. “They spent several hours at dinner before returning to their hotel in a chauffeured car.”

Topics at dinner may have included the following: Hiddleston’s “I heart T.S.” tank topCalvin Harris and his new (maybe) breakup song about the “22” singer; and the future of Hiddleswift. 

According to sources who spoke to E! News, TSwift thinks the “Avengers” actor is husband material. Looks like things are moving even quicker than we thought. (Not even sure how that’s possible considering this “relationship” is already moving at warp speed. But alas, here we are.)

“This is the kind of a man she would want to marry,” the source said. “She has said he would make a great dad. They have talked about what they want in the future and kids are something that they would both like down the line. They have very real and serious conversations about life.” 

So, should we start prepping our coverage for the wedding?